Coming Soon!

Mic BeginningsBrian and I have the studio set up and have already started to record! We are so excited to introduce ourselves to the knitting community and hope that they welcome us into their homes.

I’m Kayleigh, a new mom and knitting enthusiast. I had tried knitting in college and made some rookie beginners’ mistakes by buying the wrong yarn, needles, and selecting the wrong project. So I had a partially made scarf lying around for almost 9 years before I gave it another chance. After wondering into a yarn store while on vacation I fell head over heels for this timeless craft. That Christmas, just 3 months later, I made a stack of hats and boot cuffs. I haven’t stopped since, and I want to share my passion with like-minded people and hopefully inspire a few new knitters along the way.

The ultimate goal though, is to teach my husband Brian how to knit! You are invited to listen to our podcast and see how that goes.