EP 008: Knit it and Quit it

Blocking Knit

Blocked knit berroco cotton vest

Blocking is often a step in knitting that newbies like me skip, because we are either so excited to be done knitting we just want to wear it right now, or we didn’t know blocking was a thing! Well it’s absolutely a thing. It’s the process of wetting your finished garment and laying it flat while shaping it to dry, often slightly stretching it out to get the shape you intend.

I finished the shawl vest, my first knit garment piece for myself!

Little Cotton Rabbits Fox

Little Cotton Rabbits Fox

My current WIP (work in progress) is a Stuffed Fox from Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits.

Little Cotton Rabbits Fox

Describe that Yarn!

News Desk: @woolyknitthings

Brian’s secret knit was a yarn edition.
1. Borroco: 50/50 Alpaca and Peruvian Wool
2. Cascade Cherub: 55/45 Nylon and Acrylic
3. Self-striping 80/10/10 Acrylic, Mohair, Wool (FYI Mohair is from goats.)
4. One Hundred Ravens: 100 Merino Wool
(Little Babe had to help.)