EP 009: Number 2

Little Cotton Rabbit's Fox

Little Cotton Rabbits Fox


We are pregnant! YAY!
We are pumped and really just telling you because my knits may become a little more baby oriented from now on. Hang on though; I’ll have a few non-baby items sprinkled in as well.

Anywho, some of my finished objects (FO) are the following:

Little Cotton Rabbits Fox

Little Cotton Rabbit's Fox

Plaid Cowl

This plaid cowl.

Little Cotton Rabbit Little Stockings

Little Cotton Rabbit Stockings

I’m currently working on making 25 of these cute little stockings for an advent calendar from Little Cotton Rabbits (and it’s free). I know I’m kinda obsessed with Julie Williams. Sorry!

News Desk: AllyDanielle


NEWS DESK: Check out allydanielle from instagram and ravelry. I love her hygge-centric style.

Secret Knit: (shh..it's a disaster)

Brian’s Secret Knit!
The bauble hat disaster of 2017, don’t worry baby I’ll never make you wear this!