Mabel Bunny Hat

Mabel Bunny HatIn episode 2 of the podcast (you can listen to it here) my current knit is a hat for my cousin’s new baby. I tried to find a pattern for it or something similar on ravelry and the web but couldn’t find anything. So I used some pieces of other free patterns and I wanted to show you what I used…

For the hat itself I used an infant size in hopes that she could wear it this coming winter!
Something like this pattern the Basic Baby Hat by Mama’s Stitchery Projects would do the ticket. Just make sure to adjust for whatever type of yarn you are using!

Then for the flower pieces I found free patterns on pinterest! They are all crochet pieces and here is a list of the links I used..

For the ears I really struggled and now I know I would have done it differently.
I made the two ears in the round with DPNs. I would have made the ears wider and then while sewing them on the hat folded them at the base making the 3D ear shape instead of two flat pieces. Oh well, I’ll do better next time.