EP 006: Sarah Hollandsworth Part 1

Part 1: Sarah Hollandsworth

Yarn Geek Fibers

Sarah Hollandsworth of Yarn Geek Fibers is on this Part 1 of 2 podcast! Sarah is an expert fiber and yarn dyer creating vibrant colors that are hard to find anywhere else. Sarah’s studio is based in Iowa but she travels all over the Midwest to different fairs and shows to sell her yarns in person. You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook as @YarnGeekFibers and of course buy and see her yarn selection at her website, yarngeekfibers.com.

***Listen to the end and receive a promo code for 15% off yarn at yarngeekfibers.com (expiring 11-15-16)

Sarah talks about “that woman” who introduced her to her passion of spinning and dying fiber.
Sarah shares with us what it means to be a yarn geek and how to choose the right yarn for a project.

There were so many great tidbits of information in this podcast. I will now be spending special attention to the twists in the yarn I buy!

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