EP 015: My Favorite Sweater

This week on the podcast we talk about my WIP, Work in Progress, and a new thrifted knit.

I am almost done with the Liliana Baby Cardigan from Anne Dresow!  How cute is this turning out to be?

Ends need to be woven in and the cardigan needs a button placket.  Lastly it needs to be blocked to get that finished clean look.

This week I also talk about the Icelandic Thrifted baby cardigan.  It has tiny cables in it and was definitely hand knit by someone with love!

This week on the News Desk I highlight @knitforthesoul. I like her aesthetic and her designs!  Check out her beautiful photos and add her to your instagram feed and check her out.

Lastly instead of surprising Brian with a secret knit.  I surprised him by asking him what knit items he would like to receive for the holidays.  Brian is the partner of someone who knits and has received plenty of knit items over the years that he doesn’t use or wear so I thought I’d ask him out right.  Listen in for his perspective!

Oh and if you are curious to hear the podcast that we reference as my “favorite” here it is…. My Favorite Murder.  Don’t listen with kids or your sensitive spouse.

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