EP 015: My Favorite Sweater

WIP (work in progress)

Work in Progress WIP liliana Sweater by Anne Dresow. Hand knit baby sweater, heirloom knits, red alpaca yarn.

My current WIP (work in progress) is the Liliana Sweater to match the shorts I made earlier.  All I had left at the time of this podcast was the sleeves and look at it now!  I’m adding this to my layette for the baby and then I had to explain to Brian what a layette was.  (oh Brian)

I’m putting down the baby blanket, because I’m bored working on it.  Ugh, I really dislike baby blankets.  It WILL NOT be done before baby gets here.

There’s a lot of baby talk in this one as my due date nears!

By Hand

Icelandic heirloom hand knit baby sweater

Here is the Icelandic hand knit sweater found in a resale shop while my brother and his family were on vacation.  Can someone remind me to go to resale and thrift stores when I’m on vacation?  What a fantastic idea and especially when traveling abroad.  

This week my news desk features @knitforthesoul I really enjoy scrolling through her squares on instagram…and can I say Hygge enough?  Nope, a little more?  Ok thanks.

Featured Pattern: Diamond Slouchy Hat

Secret Knit:  Surprise! I ask Brian what he would kind of knit he would like to receive!  For our non-knitting partners, what would you actually like to receive as a gift and find useful?  Bri recommends a hat.

Don’t forget to check out my designs on Ravelry here! It is official hat season here in the Midwest! Check out these designs for your little ones and one for yourself!